Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations

A knowledge hub for Arctic
monitoring technologies

Meeting the challenges of increasing maritime activity in icy waters, supporting environmental monitoring, and training tomorrow’s specialists.

CIRFA (2015 – 2023) has ended.

To learn more about our achievements, scroll down to access and download our reports. To view ongoing activities, visit the website of UiT`s Earth Observation Laboratory.

Innovative research

We combine Norwegian and international expertise in earth observation and numerical modelling for research-based education and technology development.

We use satellite remote sensing for detecting, analysing, and predicting of ocean surface conditions such as sea ice, icebergs, ocean surface currents, sea surface temperature, wind, and marine pollution.

Our new knowledge and technology around seven key topics, organised as work packages (WP), aim to support safe maritime activities in the Arctic:

As a center for research-based innovation, we are located at the intersection between research and industry. Together with our partners, we develop and test new ways to improve situational awareness and decision-making to safeguard humans, equipment, platforms or vessels, and the environment before they become operational products.

Results and news

CIRFA Seminar series

We have regular seminars presented by our team and research partners. Stay updated about upcoming talks and join our mailing list.

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Our annual reports summarise activities throughout the year. Read our annual reports:

The report from the CIRFA research cruise in April/May 2022, that summarizes all collected data sets, is available here: