Work package 7 – Pilot Service Demonstration

In this work package we will demonstrate a pilot service system showing the provision of integrated environmental information to end-users involved in Arctic operations. Some satellite based operational services have already been developed and put into regular use (e.g. ship traffic monitoring, sea ice mapping). However, none of these meets the requirements for industrial maritime operations. Oil & Gas companies operating in the environmentally sensitive Arctic areas need monitoring technologies integrated into their day-to-day operations for operational decision support (e.g. multi-sensor data captured from several sensors and platforms, communication infrastructure, analysis, and interface).

This work package shall demonstrate the implementation of R&D results into some integrated pilot services to be delivered to end-users with operational needs. The experience and feedback from the end-users will be fundamental in the development of these services and found the basis for operational service deliveries.


WP7 members

Dr. Nick Hughes

WP7 co-leader, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Hugo Isaksen

WP7 leader, KSAT

Salman Khaleghian

PhD Fellow

Scalable computing in earth observation

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