Centre Management

Prof. Torbjørn Eltoft

Centre leader, UiT
+47 776 45184

Prof. Camilla Brekke

UiT prorektor for research and development, associated with CIRFA

WP1 | Ocean Remote Sensing

Prof. Harald Johnsen

WP1 leader, NORCE
+47 951 73 353

Jack Christopher Landy


Satellite laser and radar altimetry to study the physical properties of polar sea ice and oceans

Ulf Klevstad

Vår Energi

WP2 | Sea ice and Iceberg Remote Sensing

Prof. Torbjørn Eltoft

Centre leader, UiT
+47 776 45184

Adjunct Prof. Wolfgang Dierking

WP2 leader, AWI/UiT
+49 471 4831 1714

Jack Christopher Landy


Satellite laser and radar altimetry to study the physical properties of polar sea ice and oceans

Laust Færch

PhD fellow, UiT

Mapping and Modeling of Iceberg Occurrences in the Barents Sea

Anna Telegina

PhD fellow, UiT

Multi-temporal remote sensing of dynamic Arctic phenomena

Wenkai Guo

Post Doc, UiT

Cross-platform application of a sea ice classification method for detecting deformed ice

Anca Cristea

Post Doc, NPI

Sea ice classification from multimodal remote sensing data

Polona Itkin


Sea ice deformation and its impact on the sea ice mass balance

Johannes Lohse

Post Doc, UiT
+47 776 45180

Automated Classification of Sea Ice Types in SAR Imagery

Saloua Chlaily

Post Doc, UiT

Automised Large-scale Sea Ice Characterisation and Mapping

Eduard Khachatrian

PhD Fellow

Multimodal Integrated Remote Sensing for Arctic Sea Ice monitoring

WP3 | Oil Spill Remote Sensing

Malin Johansson

Researcher, WP3 leader, WP6 co-leader, UiT

Using satellite images to study Arctic sea ice and oil spills

Dr. Christian Petrich

WP3 co-leader, Norut Narvik
+47 992 55 430

Cathleen Jones

Adjunct Professor

Katalin Blix

+47 77645197

Muhammad Asim

PhD Fellow

Optical Remote Sensing for Water Quality Parameters Retrieval in the Barents Sea

Megan O’Sadnick

PhD fellow, Norut Narvik

Ice in Norwegian Fjords: Formation, breakup and implications for oil spill response activities

Cornelius Quigley

Post Doc, UiT

Determination of the Dielectric Properties of Marie Surface Slicks Using Synthetic Aperture Radar

Ulf Klevstad

Vår Energi

WP4 | RPAS Technology

Prof. Tor Arne Johansen

WP4 co-leader, NTNU
+47 735 90395

Rolf-Ole Rydeng Jenssen

Postdoc, NORCE

Radar System Development for Drone Borne Applications with Focus on Snowpack Parameters

WP5 | Drift Modelling and Prediction

Dr. Johannes Röhrs

WP5 co-leader, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Prof. Rune Graversen

WP5 co-leader, UiT
+47 776 25242

Dr. Kai Christensen


Laust Færch

PhD fellow, UiT

Mapping and Modeling of Iceberg Occurrences in the Barents Sea

Edel Rikardsen

Researcher, MET

Edels work focuses on cean modelling and computational physics.

Yvonne Gusdal

Researcher, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Silje Christine Iversen

PhD fellow, UiT/MET

The impact of observations in a high-resolution ocean assimilation system for the Norwegian coastal and shelf seas

Ann Kristin Sperrevik

Researcher, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
+47 91106515

WP6 | Data Collection and Fieldwork

Dr. Sebastian Gerland

WP6 leader, NPI
+47 777 50554

Anca Cristea

Post Doc, NPI

Sea ice classification from multimodal remote sensing data

WP7 | Pilot Service Demonstration

Dr. Nick Hughes

WP7 co-leader, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Hugo Isaksen

WP7 leader, KSAT

Salman Khaleghian

PhD Fellow

Scalable computing in earth observation


Marit Helgesen

Advisor, UiT
+47 776 49259

Vegard Nilsen

WP1 PhD fellow, Norut

Xu Xu

Associate PhD fellow, UiT

Sindre Fritzner

Post Doc, UiT

Machine-learning and dynamical models for sea-ice forecasting

Thomas Kræmer

Head Engineer
+47 77646253

Supporting development and pilot demonstrations across work packages

Centre Board

Arne O. Smalås

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, UiT (Chair)

Lars Anders Breivik

Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Dr. Jan Petter Pedersen

Board member, KSAT
+47 776 00260

Richard Hall


Scientific Advisory Board

Henning Skriver

Henning Skriver (M’09) gained M.Sc. degree and PhD in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Kongens Lyngby, Denmark, in 1983 and 1989 respectively. Since 1983, he has been with DTU as Associate Professor, the Head of Microwaves and Remote Sensing, and the Deputy Head of Department at the National Space Institute. His work has been primarily concerned with topics related to the utilisation of SAR data for different applications. These include sea ice parameter retrieval from SAR data, as well as different aspects of land applications of SAR data, such as forestry, agricultural, environmental and topographic mapping applications using both satellite SAR data and data from polarimetric SARs, e.g. the Danish airborne polarimetric SAR, EMISAR and the German experimental SAR ESAR. His research interests include methods for the processing of SAR data, SAR image simulation, SAR image filtering, speckle statistics and texture analysis, segmentation, calibration, change detection, classification and polarimetric analysis and processing.

Dr. Charlotte Hasager

Dr. Charlotte Hasager is senior researcher at the Wind Energy Division, Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, part of the Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde. She received her M.Sc. and PhD from the University of Copenhagen’s Institute of Geography in 1992 and 1996 respectively. Her area of specialisation is satellite remote sensing, micrometeorology, turbulence and wind energy – in particular offshore and wind at high levels. Dr. Hasager has been employed at Risø since 1993 and was a visiting scholar at the Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania, USA, in 1995. She has been involved in the international projects EU-Norsewind, EU-WEMSAR, EU-WATERMED, EU-MEAD and ESA EOMD EO-Windfarm. She is Principle Investigator of the national projects SAT-MAT-CLIMATE, SAR-WAKE, SAT-WIND, 12MW, Satellite Eye for Galathea 3 and VirtualGalathea3. Dr. Hasager was elected President of the Atmospheric Science Division at the European Geosciences Union in 2007-2011, was Co-Chair for Wind Energy Community of Practice (WECP) at Global Earth Observation (GOSS) in 2005 and member of the steering committee of the Danish Space Consortium from 2003 to 2010. She has more than 200 publications in this area.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Irena Hajnsek

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Irena Hajnsek has been Professor of Earth Observation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich, Institute of Environmental Engineering since November 2009, and at the same time head of the Polarimetric SAR Interferometry Research Group at the German Aerospace Center, Microwaves and Radar Institute. Her main research interests are in electromagnetic propagation and scattering theory, radar polarimetry, SAR and interferometric SAR data-processing techniques, environmental parameter modelling and estimation. She gained her Dipl. degree (Honours) in 1996 from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, and the Dr. degree (Honours) in 2001 from the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany. Since 2010 she has been the science coordinator of the German satellite mission TanDEM-X. She was Technical Programme Co-chair of the IEEE IGARSS 2012 Symposium in Munich. She has been a member of the IEEE GRSS AdCom since 2013.

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