Work package 1 – Ocean Remote Sensing

The objectives of this work is to develop the use of satellite technology to monitor and advance the understanding of the Arctic Ocean processes and dynamics, and contribute to better prediction of polar lows, nowcasting, and short range forecasting of ocean state through coupling with high-resolution numerical models. The research shall:

  • Develop physical and statistical methodology to improve the reliability of satellite derived geophysical parameters as well as to take advantage of the diversity of observations and to account for the multivariate dependencies of the problem.
  • Develop algorithms and processing system for providing ocean state parameters form satellite observations beyond what is achievable to day.
  • Define and develop geophysical satellite products suitable for use in other work packages of CIRFA and in particular for assimilation in numerical ocean models.
  • Product calibration and validation – error analysis.

The methodologies, tools and products developed here will be validated using data from WP6 and integrated with the sea ice mapping of WP2 and the modeling activities of WP5 (assimilation) to produce information products for the pilot service demonstrations to be performed in WP7.


Photo: norut

WP1 members

Prof. Harald Johnsen

WP1 leader, NORCE
+47 951 73 353

Jack Christopher Landy


Satellite laser and radar altimetry to study the physical properties of polar sea ice and oceans

Ulf Klevstad

Vår Energi

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