Time: 17-18 October 2018

Place: Sommarøy Arctic Hotel, Troms.

Registration: Registration here!


Wednesday 17 October

10:00     Bus from SIVA Innovasjonssenter

10:15     Bus from Prostneset/city centre

10:30     Bus from Tromsø airport

12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-13:00 Welcome and introduction to conference, Torbjørn Eltoft
Session 1 (Chair: Torbjørn Eltoft)
13:00-13:20 «Status for Wp 1: Ocean remote Sensing», Harald Johnsen, NORUT
13:20-13:40 «Status for WP 5 and highlight from recent field experiments», Kai Håkon Christensen, Met.no
13:40-14:00 «SARiNOR, SARex», Tor Husjord, Maritimt Forum
14:00-14:15 «Chl-a Monitoring in the Barents Sea», Katalin Blix, PhD fellow, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
14:15-14:35 Disussion
14:35-14:55 Break
Session 2 (Chair: Anthony Doulgeris)
14:55-15:15 “Status for WP 2: Sea Ice, Icebergs and Growler Remote Sensing”, Wolfgang Dierking, AWI/UiT
15:15-15:35 Assimilation of Sea Ice Information in Numerical Models”, Johannes Lohse & Sindre Fritzner, PhD fellows, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
15:35-16:00 Practical use of satellite earth observation and AIS data for Arctic marine operations”, Andreas Kjøl, Kystverket
16:00-16:15 Discussion
16:15-16:35 Break
Session 3 (Chair: Malin Johansson)
16:35-16:55 Status for WP 3: Oil Spill Remote Sensing”, Christian Petrich, Norut Narvik
16:55-17:15 «Remote Sensing – an absolute neccessity» , Kristin Huseby, NOFO
17:15-17:30 Oil Spill and newly formed sea ice in an arctic environment“, Malin Johnson, UiT
17:30-17:50 AOSD -Automatic Oil Spill Detection for the SeaCOP field monitoring system”, Kristin Valle, NORBIT AptomarAS
17:50-18:10 Discussion
18:10-18:40 Poster highlight session
18:40-19:45 Poster Session
20:00 Conference Dinner

Thursday 18 October

07:30-08:30 Breakfast
08:30-08:50 Status for Wp 4: RPAS Technology“, Rolf Ole Jenssen, NORUT
08:50-09:10 Status for WP 6: data collection and field work“, Sebastian Gerland, NPI
09:10-09:30 Status for WP 7: Pilot service Demonstration“, Nick Huges, Norwegian Ice Service
09:30-09:50 Discussion
09:50-10:10 Break
10:10-12:00 Interactive session
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-13:45 Interactive session continues
13:45-14:00 Closure, Torbjørn Eltoft, UiT
14:00-14:45 General Assembly
15:00-16:15 Bus from Sommarøy to Tromsø
17:30-19:30 Scientific Advisory Board Meeting, Scandic Ishavshotel
20:00 Scientific Advisory Board Dinner

Practical information

Time: Wednesday 17 October – Thursday 18 October, 2018

Venue: Sommarøy Arctic Hotel

Registration fee: There is no registration fee for the participants, and bus transportation, as well as meals, are provided free of cost. The cost of accommodation is not included.

Transport: There will be bus transport to and from Tromsø.

Accomodation:Please note that accommodation costs are covered by the participants, and should be paid directly to the hotel upon check-in.

  • The cost of accommodation is: Single room, NOK 1175 per person per night.

There will not be sent a separate confirmation from Sommarøy Arctic Hotel, as our booking is handled as a group reservation

We have reserved hotel rooms for participants until 24 September, and bookings are done via the conference registration page. Participants registerring after 24 September are not guaranteed accommodation.

  • Cancellations: Last cancellation date is 24 September 2018. Cancellations after this date will be charged for the cost of accomodation.

If you need to cancel or make any changes to your registration, please send us an email and we will help you, lise.nordgard@uit.no.

Please keep the date.

We look forward to seeing you in October!


Torbjørn Eltoft, Centre Leader CIRFA, tel: +47 776 45 184, torbjorn.eltoft@uit.no

Lise Nordgård, Project Coordinator, tel: +47 776 23 291, lise.nordgard@uit.no