Next week Arctic Frontiers 2020 takes place in Tromsø. CIRFA is well represented starting already on Wednesday under Theme 3: Disruptive technologies.

If you are attending please come and listen to our talks!

  • Drones in support of ice navigation in the Arctic (11:15-11:30)
    Rune Storvold, Tom Rune Lauknes, Stian Andre Solbø, Agnar Sivertsen
  • Integrated Remote Sensing in Arctic Applications (13:00-13:15)
    Torbjørn Eltoft
  • Innovative Technologies for Monitoring Arctic waters with Upcoming Sensors (13:15-13:30)
    Katalin Blix
  • Satellite Oil Spill Monitoring Using Multiple Sensors (13:30-13:45)
    Hugo Isaksen, Martine M Espeseth, Katalin Blix, Camilla Brekke, Torbjørn Eltoft
  • A multisensor information selection for an accurate and efficient sea-ice classification (13:45-14:00)
    Saloua Chlaily, Eduard Khachatrian, Andrea Marinoni, Torbjørn Eltoft
  • Deep learning for enhanced sea ice understanding (14:00-14:15)
    Salman Khaleghian, Thomas Kræmer, Alistair Everett, Åshild Kiærbech, Nick Hughes, Torbjørn Eltoft, Andrea Marinoni

CIRFA is also represented with a poster:

  • Arctic Field Summer Schools: training and awareness in the Arctic, Anthony Doulgeris