Exciting week for CIRFA where our members are presenting their work at the IGARSS2017 (IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium) in Fort Worth, Texas, US.

First out is WP2 and Camilla Brekke who on Monday 24 July will present “Sea ice segmentation using TanDEM-X pursuit monostatic and alternating bistatic modes” by T. G. Yitayew, A. P. Doulgeris, T. Eltoft, W. Dierking, C. Brekke and A. Rösel.

On Tuesday 25 July WP3 is presented in two talks and one poster:
“Oil spill dispersion in full-polarimetric and hybrid-polarity SAR” by C. Brekke, S. Skrunes and M. Espeseth is presented by Camilla.
“Assessment of the Risat-1 FRS-2 mode for oil spill observation” by S. Skrunes, C. Brekke and M. Espeseth is presented by Martine.
A poster titled; “Multi-frequency polarimetric SAR signatures of lead sea ice and oil spills by M. Johansson, C. Brekke and G. Spreen is presented by Malin.

On Wednesday Malin will give Vahid Akbari’s WP2 talk; “Iceberg Detection in Open Water and Sea Ice using C-Band Radar Polarimetry” by V. Akbari, C. Brekke and M. Johansson.

On Friday Anthony Doulgeris will be giving two talks; “Improved LLM methods using linear regression” by Z. Zhao, W. Lang, A. P. Dougeris and L. Chen. And “Speeding up non-gaussian polsar image analysis by A.P. Doulgeris and D. Hu.

And finally, Professor II Cathleen Jones from JPL are giving a talk “From Flood to drought: Utilizing SAR to assess the status of levees and aqueducts” by C. Jones, D. Bekaert and K. An.

Additionally, S. Singha is on Monday including some results from his CIRFA/DLR research stay in his talk titled; Evaluation of Polarimetric Features for Sea ice characterization at X, C and L-band SAR.