Date: Thursday 10 November, 14:00-15:00
Venue: CIRFA, Forskningsparken 3, 3rd floor, Tromsø
Presented by: Fabrizio Argenti

Research topics in the field of remote sensing at University of Florence

The aim of this seminar is presenting some research activities recently developed at University of Florence in the field of remote sensing. First, the problem of retrieving the content of water vapour (WV) in the troposphere will be discussed. Measurements of RF power attenuation may be used to estimate the integral water vapour (IWV) content along a link among satellites crossing the atmosphere. To this purpose, the normalized differential spectral attenuation (NDSA) has been introduced to combat the effects of scintillation. If the atmosphere is sounded by a set of co-rotating LEO satellites, then the set of IWV measurements refers to a vertical 2-D region of the orbital plane   and the local WV content retrieval may be formulated as an inverse problem to be solved by using tomographic techniques. Other topics that will be touched in the seminar are: further applications of tomographic techniques to rainfall estimation and pollutants concentration; whitening of SAR images and its application to despeckling; airborne polarimetric weather radars.

Welcome to all!