Our PhD students Laust Færch and Henrik Fisser will share the stage and talk about their ongoing work with the detection of icebergs by SAR and optical satellite images.

Icebergs are large pieces of freshwater ice that break off from marine-terminating glaciers and ice shelves. Iceberg calving contributes to the glacier mass balance and their melt releases freshwater into the ocean. Furthermore, icebergs can be a hazard to shipping and offshore infrastructures. Therefore, it is crucial to quantify and understand iceberg occurrences in space and time. Synthetic aperture radar data at different frequencies and optical data offer valuable capabilities to detect and delineate icebergs. In this episode of the CIRFA seminar, we will present results on Arctic iceberg detection, and open a discussion on the inherent relationship between icebergs and sea ice.

The seminar will take place at the EO group office on Thursday 2 November at 14:00. Join us in person or online (MS Teams)!