CIRFA welcomes you to a seminar where Andreas Reigber from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and Leif Eriksson (Chalmers) will give talks.

Date: Thursday 22 February 2018 at 14h00-15h00 [add to calendar]

Venue: CIRFA, SIVA Innovation Centre (Forskningsparken), Tromsø [map]


Modern 3D SAR Imaging Options
Prof. Dr. Andreas Reigber, Department of SAR Technology, DLR

SAR tomography is a remote sensing technique that allows three-dimensional imaging of volumetric targets which show a significant penetration of the sensor’s radiation (vegetation, dry soil, ice layers, etc.). Due to its unique capabilities and potential, SAR tomography has gained significant attention during the last years. The common strategy for 3D radar imaging is the so-called multi-baseline SAR tomography, where multiple standard SAR acquisitions from parallel tracks are combined. However, several other 3D imaging possibilities exist and will be outlined in this talk. This includes holographic SAR imaging from circular and / or spiral trajectories, coherence based tomographic imaging using single-pass interferometers and deep ice sounding with digital beamforming techniques. The potential and limitations of these techniques will be presented and discussed during this talk.

Overview of research topics at the Radar Remote Sensing Group at Chalmers
Leif Eriksson, Associate Professor, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing, Earth and Space 

Leif Eriksson is the group leader for the research group Radar Remote Sensing. His research is aimed at development of methods to make measurements of land and ocean with radar data. Focus is mainly on the use of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) from satellite and aircraft for studies of forest (biomass, clear cuts, storm damage) and sea ice (ice concentration, ice drift, ice thickness) as well as wind and currents at the sea surface. He will in this talk give an overview of the research topics of his group, including some new tomographic results from the 50m BorealScat tower.

Welcome to all!




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