Date: Thursday 22 September, 14:00-15:00
Venue: CIRFA, Forskningsparken 3, 3rd floor, Tromsø
Presented by: Malin Johansson, Stine Skrunes, Martine Espeseth, Anja Rösel/Jean Negrel

Fieldwork campaigns during the summer where CIRFA has participated

During the summer CIRFA has participated in 4 different fieldwork campaigns. The campaigns has been in cooperation with the Norwegian clean seas association for operating companies (NOFO), Norwegian Polar Institute, Alfred Wegner Institute, SMHI and University of Gdansk. One of the campaigns has focused on oil-in-water, one on algae blooms and two on sea ice. During these campaigns CIRFA and UiT have ordered satellite images, e.g. Radarsat-2 and Tandem-X, to overlap with the collected in-situ data. During the seminar the acquired data will be presented as well as the overlapping in-situ data. We will also briefly cover the challenges faced when coordinating these kind of campaigns.

Welcome to all!