One of CIRFA’s key activities is the education of Bachelor and Master students and PhD candidates, who are well prepared for entering into both research and industry positions as skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

Research-based education within CIRFA and UiT`s Earth Observation group takes place in the office as well as in the field, and is supported by workshops and seminars. If you are interested in pursuing an internship, study project or Master thesis with us, get in touch with one of our professors or the leaders of the work package that is most relevant for you. We can customize a project to your interests and background. A list of possible Master thesis proposals is available here.

The Faculty of Science and Technology at UiT the Arctic University of Norway offers a specialization in Earth Observation and satellite remote sensing. An overview over study programs, courses and seminars is available here.

Master students

Martin Bengsli

Martijn Clemenkowff

Silje Birgitte Segrem Grue

Catherine Taelman

Vebjørn Karisari

Truls Thorsen Karlsen

Brynjar Andersen Saus

Ida Graabræck Kinderås

Tora Båtvik

Torjus Nilsen

Internship students

Piyi Lozou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Morgane Batelier (École Nationale des Sciences Géographiques, France)

Sam Cremers (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Lotte Wendt (Lund University, Sweden)

Catherine Taelman (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Marine Mercier (TelecomParis, France)

Quitterie Chambon (Ecole de l’Air, France)

PhD candidates and program

CIRFA has a highly international group of PhD candidates, coming from diverse backgrounds in academia or industry. CIRFA`s network provides opportunities for research visits and fieldwork. PhD candidates are encouraged to join regular group meetings and conferences, outreach activities and organize the annual Young Scientist Forum. Find more information about pursuing a PhD at UiT`s Faculty of Science and Technology here. Available positions are announced on Jobbnorge.

Many graduates continue as postdocs, researchers or Earth Observation experts within the CIRFA consortium.

Young Scientist Forum in 2020. Image credit: Renathe Ovesen.


Salman Khaleghian. PhD candidate: Scalable Computing in Earth Observation, H2020 ExtremeEarth project.

Megan O’Sadnick. PhD candidate: Ice in Norwegian Fjords: Formation, breakup and implications for oil spill response activities. Currently Researcher at SINTEF Narvik.

Thomas Kræmer. Head Engineer and Member of the Center Management Group. Currently System Developer at KSAT.

Jelte van Oostveen. Engineer: Implementing an Algorithm for Sea Ice Drift Retrival. Currently Researcher at NORCE.

Sindre Markus Fritzner. PostDoc: Machine-Learning and Dynamic Models for Sea Ice Forecasting. Currently at Multiconsult.

Artem Moiseev. PhD candidate: Ocean Remote Sensing. Currently Researcher at NERSC.

Richard Hann. PhD candidate: Icing of Unmanned Aircraft. Currently Researcher at NTNU.

Rolf-Ole Rydeng Jenssen. PhD candidate: Radar System Development for Drone Borne Applications with Focus on Snowpack Parameters. Currently Researcher at NORCE.

Martine Espeseth. PhD candidate & PostDoc, oil spill Remote Sensing. Currently Project Manager and Researcher at KSAT.

Habib Ullah. PostDoc, Deep Learning Algorithms for Sea Ice Classification, H2020 ExtremeEarth project.