Agnar Sivertsen

WP4 leader, NORCE

Anca Cristea

Post Doc, NPI


Sea ice classification from multimodal remote sensing data

Andrea Marinoni

Associate Professor, UiT

Andrea Schneider

Project Coordinator, UiT

Ann Kristin Sperrevik

Researcher, MET Norway

Anna Telegina

PhD candidate, UiT

Multi-temporal remote sensing of dynamic Arctic phenomena

Anthony Doulgeris

Professor, UiT

Employer page at UiT

WP 2 co-leader and leader of UiT`s Earth Observation group

Arne O. Smalås

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, UiT

Camilla Brekke

Prorektor for Research and Development at UiT, Professor

Previous Member of the Center Management Team and WP 3 Leader

Catherine Taelman

Engineer, UiT

Cathleen Jones

Adjunct Professor, JPL/NASA

Charlotte Bay Hasager

Member of CIRFA`s Scientific Advisory Board

Christian Petrich

WP3 co-leader, Norut Narvik

Cornelius Quigley

Post Doc, UiT

Determination of the Dielectric Properties of Marie Surface Slicks Using Synthetic Aperture Radar

Debanshu Ratha

Post Doc, UiT

Radar polarimetry for sea ice applications

Edel Rikardsen

Researcher, MET Norway

Edels work focuses on cean modelling and computational physics

Edmond Hansen

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, Multiconsult

Eduard Khachatrian

PhD candidate, UiT

Multimodal Integrated Remote Sensing for Arctic Sea Ice monitoring

Geir Engen

Researcher, NORCE

Gjertrud Halset

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, Vår Energi

Harald Johnsen

Professor and WP1 leader, NORCE

Heidi Hindberg

Researcher, NORCE

Henning Skriver

Member of CIRFA`s Scientific Advisory Board

Hugo Isaksen

WP7 leader, KSAT

Irena Hajnsek

Member of CIRFA`s Scientific Advisory Board

Jack Landy

Associate Professor

Satellite laser and radar altimetry to study the physical properties of polar sea ice and oceans

Jan Petter Pedersen

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, KSAT

Johannes Lohse

Researcher, UiT

Automated Classification of Sea Ice Types in SAR Imagery

Johannes Röhrs

WP5 co-leader, MET Norway

Kai Christensen

Researcher, MET Norway

Katalin Blix

Researcher, UiT

Ocean color and water quality remote sensing

Kjell Arild Høgda

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, NORCE

Knut-Frode Dagestad

Researcher, MET Norway

Ocean drift models and forecasts

Lars-Anders Breivik

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, MET Norway

Laust Færch

PhD candidate, UiT

Mapping and Modeling of Iceberg Occurrences in the Barents Sea

Malin Johansson

Associate Professor, WP3 leader, WP6 co-leader, UiT

Using satellite images to study Arctic sea ice and oil spills

Martina Idzanovic

PostDoc, MET Norway

Drift modelling and prediction

Mathias Tollinger

PhD candidate, UiT

Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to improve prediction of Polar Lows

Muhammad Asim

PhD candidate, UiT

Optical Remote Sensing for Water Quality Parameters Retrieval in the Barents Sea, Nansen Legacy project

Nick Hughes

WP7 co-leader, MET Norway

Earth Observation with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Responsible for the daily operation of the Ice Service at MET Norway.

Polona Itkin

Researcher, UiT

Sea ice deformation and its impact on the sea ice mass balance, SiDRIFT project

Qiang Wang

Post Doc, UiT

Sea ice classification with AI methods

Richard Hall

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, Equinor

Rune Graversen

Professor and WP5 co-leader, UiT

Atmospheric circulation, climate dynamics and polar meteorology

Rune Storvold

Department manager observation systems, NORCE

Sebastian Gerland

WP6 leader, NPI

Sea ice and climate research with focus on the Arctic (Fram Strait, Svalbard, Barents Sea)

Silje Christine Iversen

PhD candidate, UiT and MET Norway

The impact of observations in a high-resolution ocean assimilation system for the Norwegian coastal and shelf seas

Stein Sandven

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, NERSC

Stian Solbø

Researcher, NORCE

Svein Jacobsen

Professor, UiT

Svein Olav Drangeid

Member of the CIRFA Consortium Board, OMV

Tor Arne Johansen

WP4 co-leader, NTNU

Torbjørn Eltoft

Professor and Center Leader UiT

Remote Sensing, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Neural Networks

Truls Karlsen

PhD candidate, UiT

Multi-frequency (C- and L-band) SAR sea ice classification

Victor de Aguiar

PhD candidate, UiT

Oil Spill Remote Sensing and Modelling

Wenkai Guo

Post Doc, UiT

Cross-platform application of a sea ice classification method for detecting deformed ice, SiDRIFT project

Wolfgang Dierking

Professor II and WP 2 leader, AWI/UiT

Professor II and WP 2 leader

Yvonne Gusdal

Researcher, MET Norway