First CIRFA PhD course in Radar Remote Sensing, January 2016

The first CIRFA organized PhD course took place at UiT from January 25-29th, 2016 and had an excellent turnout from PhD students, Master’s students, and researchers from the CIRFA partners. All in all 26 people were registered for the course in Radar Remote Sensing.

The objective of the course was to give the theoretical foundations of important aspects of radar remote sensing, and provide new students in the field a sufficient introductory understanding to explore specific applications in more detail.

The program included lectures from Professor Torbjørn Eltoft, Associate Professor Anthony Paul Doulgeris, Post doc Stine Skrunes (UiT), Senior Scientists Harald Johnsen, Yngvar Larsen and Tom Grydeland (all three from Norut) and Adjunct Professor Wolfgang Dierking (AWI/UiT).

The participants seeking course credits will present an oral exam and a project work this spring semester.

Course participants. Photo: Thomas Kræmer

Course participants. Photo: Thomas Kræmer

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