While the spring sun was shining outside the work package leaders of CIRFA were gathered to work out concrete future research plans for the Centre. Each work package was presented with focus on the objective, need of resources (personnel and data) and expected deliverables. Collaboration between the different work packages was particularly addressed and emphasised. A lot of innovative ideas were discussed. The CIRFA partners have, in collaboration with the Polar Institute, already available a lot of  unique data related to sea ice research, collected in the ongoing N-Ice campaign. This year’s  “Oil-on-water experiment” is  expected to add new interesting data, as NASA is coming over with with their UAV-SAR, and researchers from JPL will be coming to join some of the researchers at UiT. There are also plans to study oil-in-ice in the Hamburg HSVA tank. Torbjørn Eltoft, the Centre leader, says the researchers are well prepared and eager to  start. The Centre is however still in negotiations with the industrial partners, and  the exact startup date  is still not set. 

285Photo from upper left: Harald Johnsen, Nick Hughes, Kai Christensen, Thomas Kræmer, Torbjørn Eltoft, Camilla Brekke, Anthony Doulgeris, Christian Petrich, Marit Helgesen