The paper Sea ice classification of TerraSAR-X ScanSAR images for the MOSAiC expedition incorporating per-class incidence angle dependency of image texture by Wenkai Guo, Polona Itkin, Suman Singha, Anthony P. Doulgeris, Malin Johansson, and Gunnar Spreen has just been published in The Cryosphere. Congratulations!

We provide a time series of sea ice classification maps covering the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) expedition using TerraSAR-X ScanSAR (TSX SC) images, serving as a basic data set for future physical and modelling studies on MOSAiC. We use the Gaussian incidence angle (GIA) sea ice classifier developed in CIRFA. Using the TSX SC data set, we demonstrate per-class IA dependencies of intensities and textures for X-band SAR, which are found to be generally less than those for C-band