The article “The Law of the Sea and Current Practices of Marine Scientific Research in the Arctic” by Hilde Woker, Bernhard Schartmüller, Knut Ola Dølven, Katalin Blix has been accepted for publication on Marine Policy (Elsevier).

Abstract: The rapid changes in both climate and human activity occurring in the Arctic Ocean demands improved knowledge about this region. Combined with eased accessibility due to reduced sea ice cover and new technologies, this has led to increased research activity in the region. These circumstances put pressure on the applicable legal framework, i.e. the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Therefore, a conversation is needed between legal and marine scientists to promote the alignment between the legal framework and current practices of marine scientific research in the Arctic. This article showcases three current practices of marine scientific research in the Arctic, which are subsequently analysed in light of the existing legal framework, highlighting the legal questions arising from the use of these three technologies. The three technologies analysed here are seabed structures off Svalbard, floating ice-tethered observatories deployed across the marine Arctic, and remote sensing activities paired with in situ measurements.