March 14 – April 4, 2017 a large-scale oil-in-ice laboratory experiment took place at Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH (HSVA). This was a joint effort between the Research Council of Norway (RCN) PETROMAKS2 research project “Microscale Interaction of Oil with Sea Ice for Detection and Environmental Risk Management in Sustainable Operations” (MOSIDEO) and the RCN SFI “Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations” (CIRFA).

The experiment was carried out in the HSVA Arctic Environmental Test Basin (AETB). Both measurements of microscopic distributions of oil inside ice and remote measurements were collected during these three weeks at HSVA. The research team met for a debrief meeting at CIRFA 1 June. Plans for future collaboration on the data analysis and publication of the results were made.

From top left: Torbjørn Eltoft, Christian Petrich, Megan O'Sadnick, Laurent Ferro-Famil,
From top left: Torbjørn Eltoft (UiT), Christian Petrich (Norut Narvik), Megan O’Sadnick (Norut Narvik), Laurent Ferro-Famil (U Rennes 1), Rolf-Ole Jenssen (UiT), Sønke Maus (NTNU). Bottom row: Stine Skrunes (UiT), Marianne Myrnes (UiT), Camilla Brekke (UiT).