Camilla BrekkeDr. Camilla Brekke has been assessed as qualified for promotion from associate professor to full professor. We congratulate Camilla on the achievement!

Camilla was awarded her PhD from University of Oslo, Department of Informatics in 2008. She joined the Department of Physics and Technology in 2009. She has over the years gained scientific research knowledge and skills in the area of signal and image processing, pattern recognition and remote sensing with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). In particular she has focused her research on advancing SAR techniques, including dual- and quad-polarimetric measurements, sub-aperture techniques, theory related to polarimetry and polarimetric decomposition, physical modeling of the EM signal ineraction with the medium, multi-frequency SAR, Doppler techniques, statistical modeling, target detection theory and data fusion of SAR and multi-spectral optical data. The research has primarily targeted application in ocean and cryosphere remote sensing, and is currently focusing on oil spill detection and characterization, sea ice characterization and drift estimation, and vessel and iceberg detection.

The committee writes in its evaluation on scientific production that “the scientific papers show that Brekke has a good understanding within her specialized field, which is within theory, signal analysis and processing of SAR data over ocean surfaces. […]Brekke’s research is focused on developing SAR remote sensing methods of ocean surface, which have many practical applications in areas such as oil spill detection, sea ice monitoring and ship detection.”

A list of her publications can be found here.

Brekke has been main supervisor for more than two completed PhD candidates, and is at present supervisor for four PhD candidates. Camilla is leader of Earth Observation Laboratory at the Department of Physics and Technology at UiT, and leader of work package 3 dealing with Oil Spill Remote Sensing in CIRFA.