A new mission concept, referred as StereoSAR, is proposed with the aim to measure mesoscale and sub-mesoscale
surface currents. Global measurements at sufficiently high resolution and short revisit time will improve our
understanding of the role of surface currents in ocean circulation dynamics. A multi-static configuration based on a
receive-only C-band dual polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar system working in synergy with Sentinel-1 is proposed.
The Doppler Centroid Anomaly technique is used in order to measure Total Surface Current Velocity vectors by
combining the mono-static observation and the squinted bi-static one. Simultaneous retrieval of Ocean Surface Wind
Vectors and Ocean Swell Spectra is also performed. An overview of the proposed mission concept and scenario is
provided in the present paper. Some issues specific to multi-static Synthetic Aperture Radar are described and solutions
offered. Finally, a preliminary performance assessment of the mission concept is included.