Katalin Blix was interviewed earlier this spring in her local newspaper Hajdú-Bihari Napló in Hungary by the journalist Peter Egerhazi. Below is a summary of the interview:

The former geologist uses machine learning to analyze satellite images.

This spring, an international expedition to one of the most breathtaking part of the world, started in Lofoten in Norway. The team has a Hungarian participant from Debrecen, Katalin Blix. She has been living and working in Norway for 8,5 years. A few weeks ago she was in Debrecen and gave an interview.

The article describes briefly Katalin’s professional career. She started her geology studies at the University of Debrecen, which she completed at the University Collage of Sogn og Fjordane. Then she took a civil engineer degree in applied physics and mathematics at the UiT the Arctic University of Norway. After completing the five-years program, she stayed at the university for a year at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Then she had worked by a company using hydro acoustical technology, before she started to work at her current position.

Furthermore the interview discusses what machine learning is and how it can be used for analyzing satellite images. The importance of ocean colour remote sensing is also explained in the article. Finally, we talked about the expedition that took place by Lofoten.

The article ends by telling the readers about a follow-up article of Katalin’s experiences of the expedition.

The full article, in Hungarian, can be read here.