WP7: Pilot Service Demonstration

Together with our industry partners, selected satellite-based products for oil spill detection, sea ice mapping and ship traffic monitoring have been demonstrated and developed into regular use.

However, there are requirements for industrial maritime operations in the environmentally sensitive Arctic that have not yet been met; such as monitoring technologies integrated into day-to-day operations for decision support.

Improved products for oil spill response planning requires near-real-time information about location, size, thickness and movement of a potential oil slick are developed in collaboration with KSAT. Learn more here. Image credit: KSAT.
Researchers at CIRFA and MET are developing new ways to identify and map sea ice using algorithms and make their results available to ship captains when navigating through challenging sea ice. Learn more here. Image credit: CIRFA.
Barents 2.5 model  domain
The operational Barents-2.5 model is a coupled ocean and sea ice model covering the Barents Sea and areas around Svalbard. It is MET Norway’s main forecasting model for sea ice in the Barents Sea. Learn more here. Image credit: MET Norway.
Nlive. Image credit: Andrea Schneider, UiT.

The objective of this work package is twofold:

We present state-of-the-art services and products for integrated environmental information (pilot services) to users operating in Arctic waters that request new products or services to support their activities. The services will be based on data acquired from various sensors and platforms, accessed via improved communication infrastructure, and applied for decision making through dedicated user interfaces.

Next, we aid implementation of these new products in daily life of the end user.

Research tasks

Establish an efficient data storage, access and processing infrastructure for the research partners

Integrate the innovative results into pilot projects at KSAT and/or MET Norway to demonstrate the state-of-the-art capabilities of integrated environmental information to end users operating in Arctic waters

Develop a visualization solution associated with the integrated pilot services demonstrations

Team members

Hugo Isaksen

WP7 leader, KSAT

Nick Hughes

WP7 co-leader, MET Norway


Earth Observation with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Responsible for the daily operation of the Ice Service at MET Norway.

Catherine Taelman

Engineer, UiT

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