Torbjørn Eltoft, Camilla Brekke og Raymond Kristiansen present reasons for a national Center for Space Observation in Tromsø. Image credit: UiT and ESA.

Norway and Tromsø have a strong history and expertise for satellite-based earth observation. Satellite data and products have advanced to an essential resource for a broad range of tasks and applications.

To hone the value of the existing infrastructure and networks even more, UiT,  KSAT, and NPI have suggested establishing a national centre for research and innovation for earth observation. The centre will serve as a platform to connect actors based in Tromsø and nationwide. It will support and strengthen satellite-based services, contribute to further research and technology development, and offer relevant education for future talents.

You would like to learn more? Nordnorsk Debatt has published a chronicle, and several other local newspapers have picked up the exciting news (in Norwegian). Read more about the plans ahead for establishing a National Center for Space Observation in Tromsø (in Norwegian):