CIRFA has been operating for approx. 2 ½ years, and is now starting to get results suitable for testing in more operational settings. Feedback on our research topics and results from a wider group of users and stakeholders is therefore of value. Representatives from various relevant user organizations has been invited to contribute and give advice and input on topics such as:

  • Thematic Priorities
  • Innovation (Remote Sensing Services and Algorithms)
  • Relevance for users
  • Implementations of algorithms

Right now, CIRFA`s User Reference Group have represetatives from

  • Maritimt Forum Nord-Norge
  • Kystverket
  • Hovedredningssentralen
  • Petroleumstilsynet

Representatives from the reference group will be invited to attend CIRFA’s annual conference, granted access to annual reports and publications. The group will also be updated through annual dialogue meetings.