Date: 02.03.16

Time: 09-16

Location: KSAT


Originally WP7 was supposed to put together and demonstrate pilot services based on results from the other work packages. Since the start-up of CIRFA issues regarding infrastructure, processing line(s), data sharing/searching, integration of data from different sensors etc. have been identified.

The intention of this workshop is to straighten up the objectives of WP7, decide what we want the outcomes to be and start to prepare a strategy w.r.t the abovementioned issues.


Preliminary agenda

09.00 Welcome  – Today’s agenda

(Jan P. Pedersen)


9.10 Introduction: Review of CIRFA needs

(Torbjørn Eltoft)


09.20 Presentation – How does KSAT do the processing line to NORUT/NR today?

(Gudmundur Jøkullson)


09.40 Presentation – KISMA/KSAT Moon

(Kris Nackaerts)


10.00 Presntation of the FiFFIG- application

(Kjell A. Høgda)


10.20 CS-Department UiT: “Efficient customizable computing systems for big data processing”

Phuong Hoai HA

10.40 UiT  – Stallo – (Roy Dragdeth)

NORSTORE – (Tartari Giacomo)


11.00 Break

11.15 Discussions

  • What do we want from WP7?
  • Where does the WP7 responsibility start and stop?
  • Physical infrastructure
    • Needs/solutions
    • Software tools
    • Data structure
    • File formats
    • Set-up (hire IT-personnel)


12.00 Lunch


12.30 Continue discussions


14.00 Break


1415 Sum up and conclutions (more discussions if needed)